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Of Service

Sam*, a US Army veteran, came to Levitt & Quinn for help with a problem he could not fix on his own. Prior to and during his military service, Sam consistently paid his court-ordered child support and had regular contact with his daughter. Then while he was deployed overseas, the court changed Sam’s child support […]

A Child’s Best Interest

Thirteen years ago, Jill* came to Levitt & Quinn for help with a dissolutionwhen her daughter Abigail was just two years old. Jill has had primary custody of her young daughter since that time. Over the years, Jill and her ex-husband have experienced a more and more contentious co-parenting relationship. As a result, matters ended […]

A Father’s Journey

Late last fall, a father came to Levitt & Quinn devastated. Mike* hadn’t seen his five-year-old daughter for three years because the child’s mother had been keeping her from him, and he no longer even knew where or with whom she lived. Unable to afford a private attorney, Mike went to court several times on […]

A Veteran’s Story

A veteran of the U.S. Army, Tom* is the proud father of a three-year-old boy. But court orders, put in place at a time when Tom was attempting to navigate the complex legal system on his own, limited him to supervised visitation with his son and mandated child support payments that were almost three-fourths of […]

An Adoption Story

Camellia’s* family came to Levitt & Quinn seeking to adopt her into their loving care. Born with a serious disability, adoption was complicated by the fact that the family needed extra financial support in order to provide for her medical needs. As the parents tried valiantly to make Camellia a part of their family, they […]

A New Beginning

Levitt & Quinn client Susan* and her family are safe and her children are attending school regularly after enduring years of abuse. Susan and her children escaped years of violence with the assistance of Levitt & Quinn Family Law Center. Susan found the courage to leave the relationship after the father of her infant son, […]