Our Finances 2015

Levitt & Quinn is committed to financial transparency and accountability. Our 2015 audit by the professional accounting firm Gursey | Schneider LLP reflects our adherence to best-practices management and fiscally responsible policies. Levitt & Quinn strives to meet the needs of the community we serve by providing low-income and modest means families with a blend of free and sliding scale legal services. Levitt & Quinn’s sliding scale model allows families of modest means to receive the professional legal support that would otherwise be out of financial reach while also facilitating fiscal support for Levitt & Quinn’s free programs. Levitt & Quinn’s revenue stream is flexible and diverse; 16% of Levitt & Quinn’s revenue comes from private and public grants, as well as contributions from individual donors, corporations, and firms. An additional one third of the organization’s operations is supported by client-generated revenue and income from court appointments. One quarter of Levitt & Quinn’s operating budget comes from our annual Gala and supplemental fundraising events. The remaining 25% represents legal services donated to Levitt & Quinn.

You can review our 2015 Audited Financial Statements by clicking here.