Missing Child Returned Safely to Father

Peter* shared custody of his seven year old daughter Maisy* with her mother. Peter was terrified when he arrived at school to pick her up one Wednesday and she was not there. Maisy was nowhere to be found and Peter had no idea where she was or if she was safe. When her mother did not respond to any of Peter’s frantic phone calls, Peter went to the police and was told that nothing could be done without a court order. Maisy’s father went to court on his own and filed his own paperwork, but his request was denied. Weeks passed. He was referred to Levitt & Quinn Family Law Center by the court. With the help of Levitt and Quinn attorney Amanda Fleming, Peter obtained an order for a District Attorney search through which the mother and daughter were found living in Texas. After the mother and child were located and Peter knew his daughter was safe-he was able to reach an agreement regarding custody with Levitt & Quinn’s help and Peter is back in Maisy’s life.

*Client’s name changed to protect privacy.


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