Mother and Daughter Find Safe Haven

In early August, Magdalena* came to Levitt & Quinn Family Law Center in search of a safe haven. She had fled her home with her young daughter in June after her husband violently attacked and almost suffocated her. Magdalena sought refuge in a shelter for domestic violence victims but was forced to flee to a new shelter because her abuser had used her mobile phone to locate her. When Magdalena came to Levitt & Quinn she had a restraining order hearing scheduled in less than two weeks and no access to money to pay an attorney. She had prepared her own restraining order petition, but needed an attorney to represent her at the hearing. Complicating matters, Magdalena found out that her husband had responded to her escape by filing a request for sole custody of their daughter.

Levitt & Quinn reached out to the private bar for assistance and civil firm Latham & Watkins LLP responded. Latham & Watkins attorneys quickly got up to speed in the case and met with Magdalena within days. The team was able to gain her trust with their confident and gentle questioning. Their presence, in addition to their hard work and preparation, was critical in the case and meant the world to Magdalena. The hearing took the better part of the day and the Latham & Watkins attorneys empowered Magdalena every step of the way. In the end they obtained a protective order for Magdalena and her daughter who remain in hiding. Magdalena thanked the Latham & Watkins attorneys saying, “since the moment I met you I felt very sure that I was in good hands. Your help has been so wonderful for me and I hope many more people are able to have this same benefit.”
*Client’s name changed to protect privacy.

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