Frank Makes it Home

Levitt & Quinn client Frank* is a veteran of the United States Army. Frank has four adult children born before and during his military service. Frank divorced shortly before he was discharged. Initially, he regularly made child support payments. When he had steady work, Frank continued to make payments and be involved in his children’s lives. However, after his discharge, Frank was working odd jobs, and was unable to make payments. Ashamed that he could not pay, Frank stopped seeing his children and his child support issues went unresolved. Because of unpaid arrears, Frank was unable to get his passport renewed and could not accept a well paying job overseas. By 2013, Frank’s child support debt had grown to over $300,000 and half of his paycheck from his job as a clerk was being garnished each month. This left Frank unable to pay rent even for a small studio apartment. He was forced to move in with his adult daughter for whom he was paying child support from over a decade ago.

Frank found out about Levitt & Quinn and its Veteran’s Project through the website and met with Equal Justice Works Veterans Fellow Rebecca Miller. Rebecca agreed to represent Frank and appeared on his behalf at the child support hearing in January. At that hearing Rebecca advocated for a reduced monthly payment and credit for the time his children had lived with him. Frank’s outstanding child support amount was reduced almost a quarter of a million dollars to $88,000 and his monthly payment was cut in half. Frank has big plans for his new home and relationships with his daughters going forward. He sees his future as bright without insurmountable debt holding him back. Frank’s story is just one of many stories of veterans assisted through Levitt & Quinn’s Veteran’s project in its first six months.
*Client’s name changed to protect privacy.


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