Of Service

Sam*, a US Army veteran, came to Levitt & Quinn for help with a problem he could not fix on his own. Prior to and during his military service, Sam consistently paid his court-ordered child support and had regular contact with his daughter. Then while he was deployed overseas, the court changed Sam’s child support obligation without his knowledge. To make matters worse, Sam lost access to his daughter and learned that the court did not credit him for his past child support payments. As a result, Sam faced losing his relationship with his child and a wage garnishment he could not afford. Sam tried to file court papers from overseas, but nothing he did worked. When Sam returned from serving his country, he found himself burdened with almost $20,000 in child support arrears and cut off from access to his daughter.

Levitt & Quinn stood with Sam in court, successfully representing him at multiple hearings to erase his arrears balance, get him credit for a $5,000 over payment, and renew his regular contact with his daughter. Sam was elated by the outcome, and grateful that Levitt & Quinn was there to help him achieve justice.

*Not Client’s Real Name

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