What Makes Levitt & Quinn Family Law Center Unique?

No other family law firm for modest means people provides the scope of services that Levitt & Quinn provides. Unique among non-profit law firms, Levitt & Quinn can provide sliding scale services to those families and individuals of modest means who, while not poor enough to qualify for traditional legal aid, do not have the resources to pay a private attorney to settle their family law issues. Even those families who do qualify for “legal aid” services are sometimes unable to get the help they need due to a resource shortage in the legal services community, their case does not fit within the often narrow range of issues most legal aid firms prioritize, or their immigration status serves as a barrier to case acceptance. Levitt & Quinn is there to serve those who would have otherwise fallen through the cracks.


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Levitt & Quinn’s Adoption Project is the only one of its kind in Los Angeles County. No other law firm provides free and low-cost representation to families seeking to make a child a part of their family through private adoption. Expert legal advice, counsel and representation can be vital to family stability and to prevention of further harm to children in need of a permanent, loving home. The majority of the adoptions assisted by this program are intrafamily adoptions in which a relative seeks to assist a child whose biological parent is unwilling or unable to care for the child. A more complex adoption of a child with a disability or an incarcerated biological parent costs substantially more and private representation costs many thousands of dollars. Yet families with these complicating factors tend to be among the poorest prospective adoptive families; it is only with these services that parents can provide a child with a secure and caring home.


The Kids Fund

Child Support The Kids Fund assists the financially neediest families who come to Levitt & Quinn Family Law Center by providing free family law services in cases related to the safety and well-being of minor children. Families receive representation in cases including but not limited to custody, child and spousal support, visitation and domestic violence. Early intervention in support and custody cases involving children means earlier resolution and a quicker return to family stability for the children. The more quickly and amicably the issues are resolved, the faster these children can have a chance at a normal, stable life in which they are free to be children. The goal of the project is to give kids the opportunity to be safe, supported, and ready to succeed by providing family law services at no cost. The average Kids Fund parent and child have an income of less than $1,500 per month.


The Shriver Project


Since 2011, Levitt & Quinn has provided free legal services to low income families in high stakes, high conflict custody disputes as part of a pilot project created by California’ Sargent Shriver Civil Counsel Act in cases in which the opposing party is represented by an attorney. A large percentage of these cases involve domestic violence, child abuse, and other serious allegations that affect children. This groundbreaking program provides much needed resources to separating families and promotes child-centered outcomes. Levitt & Quinn believes children thrive in stable, safe and nurturing environments and that the health and wellbeing of children is improved when separated parents can efficiently resolve disputes and reduce litigation, and when courts have all the evidence needed to make child focused decisions.


For nearly a decade, Levitt & Quinn Family Law Center’s Veterans Project has provided legal services to at-risk veterans to help them resolve their family law issues and to aid them in their efforts to become self-supporting and financially, as well as emotionally, secure. In October of 2013, an Equal Justice Works Veterans Legal Corps Fellow joined Levitt & Quinn and spent two years expressly serving veterans with unresolved family law issues. As the only Fellow in the country then working exclusively to resolve the family law issues of our nation’s veterans, she gained unique and invaluable insight into the unique needs of this community.

Veterans Videoconference Project. Utilizing technology and volunteer resources, Levitt & Quinn’s monthly videoconference intake remotely connects a veteran on the New Directions for Veterans Westwood campus to our attorney in our Echo Park office. We conduct intake, assessment, and provide counsel and advice for the veterans. Since many veterans often lack complete copies of their court files, and finding the right paperwork can be daunting, we incorporated a trained volunteer who goes to the courthouse with the veterans to help them fill out the required forms and to retrieve copies of all documents necessary for Levitt & Quinn to provide competent advice and counsel. In addition, clients who would benefit from extended services are eligible to set an appointment with our attorney.