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Mediation is a process.  While you are required to attend at your cour20160415_123910 smallert-mandated child custody mediation session, no one can force you to resolve your parenting dispute by mediated agreement.  Any decisions arrived at in mediation are made by you and the other parent.  If you do not reach agreement, you will have a hearing in court and the judge will make the decision.

Where Can I Learn More?

LevittQuinn Family Law Center staff can help you learn about what to expect at your mandatory mediation session and how to prepare for it.  Staff and volunteers can help you to maximize the benefits of your mediation and stay in control of the decisions regarding your parenting plan.

For more information, contact LevittQuinn today at 213.482.1800 or by visiting levittquinn.org/contact/ and include “Mediation” in the subject line.

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