Winter 2019 Newsletter


Fall is here, and so is fire season. Our hearts are with those impacted by the fires and their disruption, as well as the challenges recovery brings.
We are so grateful for the strong show of support at this year’s Stand for Justice Gala. Over 480 guests from throughout California joined us in September for our best-attended and highest-grossing Gala ever. Below I’ve shared some images from a wonderful night of celebration for our two outstanding honorees.
Last month, LevittQuinn proudly joined other providers at the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center for their 5th Stand Down. For many years, LQ has participated in these Stand Downs, community-based events which provide a wide array of benefits and support for veterans seeking help with many different issues. Legal services remains one of the top ten unmet needs of our nation’s veterans. We are committed to increasing accessibility to these services.
Giving Tuesday is coming up on December 3. On this global day of charitable giving, we will kick-off our end-of-year campaign. I am humbled by all the ways caring people show support for our cause. Whether volunteering at one of our clinics, serving on our board, or donating money, our family of supporters grows larger and stronger every year. Join us!


Over 480 guests joined us at Skirball Cultural Center on Saturday, September 14 to thank and celebrate this year’s honorees.
Judge Amy Pellman and Sylvia Castillo both spoke eloquently of the impact that even the smallest act of compassion can have on the life of another.
Outgoing Family Law Supervising Judge Thomas Trent Lewis presented Judge Amy Pellman with the 2019 Outstanding Community Service Award in recognition of her longstanding service to the community and dedication to justice for all.
Union Bank Foundation’s Sylvia Castillo received the 2019 Ethel Levitt Humanitarian Award to honor her dedicated service and significant contributions to improving the lives of the neediest members of our community.

Long time supporters and new friends joined us in celebrating the power of coming together to protect children and stand with family members in crisis.

Southern California’s favorite family law party keeps getting better!

Mark your calendar for Gala 2020:

Saturday, September 12, at Skirball


LevittQuinn proudly provided free legal consultations to veterans at the 5 th Annual VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System Veteran Stand Down , held at the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center on October 25.

LevittQuinn staff members Becky Miller and Anastasia Finney served 10 veterans with a range of legal issues, including child support, divorce, and domestic abuse. Most of these veterans had never spoken to an attorney about their legal problems, and were not aware of their rights or the options available to them. These consultations made it possible for the veterans to proceed with their cases, whether to finalize a divorce or ensure they were paying an appropriate amount of child support.
LevittQuinn remains committed to providing responsive family law services that improve outcomes for veterans struggling with family law problems.


“FMBK is proud to support LevittQuinn and their mission to provide exceptional legal help to those in need.”

With 20 attorneys, 10 of whom are Certified Family Law Specialists, FMBK is large enough to offer you an impressive variety of legal services, yet accessible enough that you can establish a close working relationship with us. As the “family lawyers for your family,” our everyday goal is to provide top-quality work, while keeping your best interests at heart.
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You’ve been a studious saver, building up a healthy nest egg in your Individual Retirement Account. Once you turn 70½ years, you must take a yearly required minimum distribution (RMD). You may suffer a tax penalty if you do not take your full RMD. What to do?
If you are 70½ or older, you can enjoy a tax benefit while helping to support LevittQuinn. Your qualified charitable distribution to LevittQuinn can satisfy all or part of the amount of your required yearly minimum distribution from your IRA.
Making a donation to LevittQuinn via your IRA is as easy as contacting your IRA custodian and telling them you’d like to support LevittQuinn with a qualified charitable distribution.


For underserved families in crisis, LevittQuinn Family Law Center is a leading provider of legal services and support delivering timely, accessible, and innovative family law help. Our team of dedicated lawyers, legal assistants, and volunteers work to stabilize families every day.

LevittQuinn is hiring an entry-level Staff Attorney to help support this work. View the job posting.