How to Get Started

You may apply for our services remotely by following the steps below.

LevittQuinn provides affordable legal help to families who are unable to get assistance from traditional legal services providers or to afford private attorney services. Legal fees, if any, are charged on a sliding scale based upon income, number of dependents in the household, expenses, and other factors. Some applicants will qualify for no-cost legal help. The Center charges $45 for an initial intake and consultation.

We have a two-step intake process.

First, we need to figure out if we can talk with you about your legal problem.

Step 1: Conflict Check

As lawyers, we are required to avoid “conflicts of interest.” This means we should not help both people who are involved in a legal problem against each other. Completing this first step will help us learn whether we can talk with you about your problem.

Step 2: Application

If we don’t find a conflict, you will receive an email from us inviting you to fill out our online application. This is where you will give us the information we need to figure out how to help you.

Let’s Get Started