• Since 1981, Levitt & Quinn Family Law Center has provided expert legal services to more than 50,000 families.

  • Levitt & Quinn Family Law Center’s cause is a simple one. It is that no one should stand alone in a family law courtroom.

  • We provide family law representation to help families protect and stabilize their circumstances.

  • More than 50% of the children in California are impacted by a family law case during their lifetime.

  • Three grandmothers envisioned a family law firm for people who had nowhere else to go.

Who We Are

For the past 36 years, Levitt & Quinn has built a reputation for providing personalized, rapid-response, and innovative services that are proven to stabilize families in transition, reduce unnecessary litigation, and help disrupt the cycle of conflict associated with separation and divorce. Watch the video below to learn more about the work that we do.

What We Do

Levitt & Quinn Family Law Center provides family law legal services for poor and low-income people who have nowhere else to go. Our attorneys provide legal representation at court hearings and trials; and provide legal advice and counsel in cases impacting the safety and well being of children. Levitt & Quinn’s attorneys practice in key areas of family law.