Modest Means Project

People who earn too much for traditional legal services but too little to hire private counsel can find the help they need at LevittQuinn.

Our sliding scale fee structure makes access to legal services affordable for modest means families. Each year we update our fee schedule based on the newly released federal poverty levels issued annually by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. During the initial intake, we determine a prospective client’s gross monthly income and number of dependents. We use that information to determine where the prospective client falls on the fee schedule. The fee schedule assigns a “session fee” amount to each level shown on our chart. All the work done via sliding scale is also limited scope, meaning that the client does not retain LevittQuinn for all purposes. That could be anything from reviewing a court file and rendering advice, preparing court papers, coaching to prepare for mediation, to actual representation in court. Each segment of work is discrete and tied to an executed legal services agreement. This approach allows us to structure the services clients need at a rate that they can afford to pay while maintaining availability for other prospective clients to access our services.