The Kids Fund

First championed by then board president Dinah Ruch, the Kids Fund emerged as an effort to create capacity for LevittQuinn to help those families for whom even modest sliding scale fees put services out of reach.

In 2014, LevittQuinn launched the Kids Fund to support and strengthen the neediest families by providing free family law services in cases related to the safety and well-being of minor children.

We give families living at or below 125% of poverty free representation in cases about custody, child and spousal support, visitation, and domestic violence. For a single parent of 2 trying to get by on $2,200 a month in one of the least affordable places to live in our nation, access to these services is vital. At the core of these cases are issues that comprise the center of a child’s universe. Custody determinations settle where and with whom a child will live, even which school a child will attend; they may designate the child’s health care provider and power to authorize medical and psychological care; these determinations can even impact a child’s ability to participate in extracurricular activities. Establishing the correct level of child support ensures that parents properly provide for their child while balancing the financial realities of both households. Through this project, we strive to provide early intervention in high-conflict cases to facilitate a speedier and more amicable resolution of the contested issues. We believe this approach helps stabilize families and move them from discord to harmony, giving kids the opportunity to be safe, supported, and ready to succeed.