The Veterans Project

Since 2008, LevittQuinn’s Veteran’s Project has provided legal services to at-risk veterans in order to resolve their family law issues.

Our goal is to address critical legal problems before they lead to chronic conditions like unemployment, homelessness, and acute emotional distress. A U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs study highlights that veterans can address at least half of their top ten unmet needs with the right legal help. But accessing that help can often be difficult, especially for those who struggle against significant barriers like homelessness. The client base for this project is mostly male, with most having served during the Vietnam and Gulf War eras. These older vets typically present with cases involving child support arrears and cases stalled due to the inability to find their estranged spouses. Increasingly the client base has begun to trend to younger veterans returning from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, with many in this group struggling with custody and visitation issues. Most have very low to no income, including those receiving General Relief. The vast majority are at risk of homelessness. Veterans with family law needs are spread throughout Los Angeles County. The biggest obstacle to LevittQuinn providing family law support to veterans is geography. Having someone with the necessary expertise quickly identify the key legal issues in their case is crucial to helping veterans move from dependency to self-sufficiency. Many of the child support arrears issues, including driver license suspensions, can be resolved administratively with our guidance. Often, custody issues can be resolved with advice about realistic expectations and education about available legal remedies. Yet, many veterans have trouble accessing the services that they need. LevittQuinn can provide help either in person at our office or at Bob Hop Patriotic Hall in Downtown Los Angeles, or via videoconference link from a location that is easily accessible for the veteran.