Does your firm handle class action law suits?  Are you in the process of settling a class action? Are you struggling with how to address the distribution of residual funds?

Like many other states, California adopted a statute–Code of Civil Procedure Section 384–that allows payment of residual class action funds to nonprofit organizations that provide civil legal services to low-income individuals. For underserved families in crisis, LevittQuinn Family Law Center is the leading provider of legal services and support delivering timely, accessible, and innovative family law services. Our team of dedicated lawyers, legal assistants, and volunteers stabilize families every day, securing orders about custody and support, returning abducted children to their custodial parent, and facilitating adoption of children in need of a safe and permanent home.

Cy pres awards are an important source of funding for legal services organizations across the country. The parties to the class action lawsuit and the court play a role in deciding how to disperse the left over funds. By choosing to direct funds to qualified legal services organizations like Levitt & Quinn, the parties and the court stay true to the underlying purpose of the class action – making justice accessible for people who would otherwise not be able to get relief in our justice system. And this is what LevittQuinn does every day.

The settlement negotiation process is a great time to propose a cy pres distribution. Counsel can incorporate a provision for a cy pres award to LevittQuinn directly into the settlement agreement. We will work with you to develop the information you need to ensure that the designation of LevittQuinn meets all the necessary requirements.

To learn more about designating LevittQuinn as a cy pres recipient, please contact Ana M. Storey, Executive Director, at, or by calling (213)482-1800, ext. 301.