Levitt & Quinn Family Law Center provides affordable legal representation in family law matters to low-income Los Angeles County families to ensure stability for children and their families in the face of legal difficulties. Our attorneys provide legal representation at court hearings and trials and they provide legal advice and counsel in cases impacting the safety and well being of children.

Levitt & Quinn’s attorneys practice in key areas of family law including adoption, child support or spouse support, custody, visitation, domestic violence, marital dissolution and paternity. Each year we receive more than 6,000 inquires, provide legal information and services to more than 1,500 families, accept more than 800 clients for representation and make hundreds of court appearances on behalf of those clients.  Priority is given to cases involving the safety and well-being of children.

Great Non Profits Award

This 1948 historic and cultural landmark building was commissioned by former State Attorney General Robert Walker Kenny and was designed by noted modern architect Gregory Ain. During the McCarthy era, Kenny and his associates mapped out strategies to defend the Hollywood Ten and responded to House Un-American Activity Committee subpoenas from this building at its original location at 250 N. Hope Street. In 1956, the building was moved to our current location as a result of Los Angeles County’s redevelopment of Bunker Hill for the Music Center. Levitt & Quinn is proud to be the latest force for change doing its work within these historic walls.  Thanks to a generous donation by a long time benefactor, Levitt & Quinn owns it current home outright and in 2000 dedicated the building to honor the work of co-founder Ziva Sirkis Naumann.