Winter 2019 Newsletter


Dear friends and supporters,

Many of you know that LevittQuinn is more than the staff who works within our building. We are also the people who give their time, skill, and resources to keep LevittQuinn a reliable, go-to nonprofit family law firm for people in need. You will see that reflected in the 2018 Annual Report we release today, as well as in the stories of our board member and program volunteer you’ll read about below. That dedication to service and to the greater good is also reflected in the lives of the two amazing women LevittQuinn will honor at this year’s Stand for Justice Gala on September 14.

Working together, we can make a difference. Join us!


Each year LevittQuinn shares with our supporters and friends information about who accessed our services in the prior year as well as the legal work we did for our client communities and the outcomes we helped them to achieve.

We share our 2018 Annual Report here with you. We hope you will see a couple of things within its’ pages. First, that we continue to work with like-minded partners and volunteers to expand our reach within Los Angeles County without taxing our resources. Second, that our goal to track a wider range of outcomes is showing us that our legal work is broader than documents we prepare or the court orders we secure. We now have more information about how families change as a result of their time with us, whether by improving relations within the family or reducing their risk of homelessness.

Ultimately, what we all care about is being that go-to place for responsive quality legal work that will eliminate the fears and barriers that prevent our clients from leading happy, secure lives.


Elizabeth Potter Scully, CFLS is a founding partner of Jacobson Scully LLP, a full-service family law firm based in the South Bay that emphasizes non-litigation process options, including mediation and collaborative family law. She is certified as Family Law Specialist by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.

Elizabeth’s family law practice encompasses litigation, consensual dispute resolution (mediation, collaborative divorce and non-litigation consulting), and minor’s counsel work in probate and family law matters. She has served on the LevittQuinn board since 2007. Elizabeth serves on the board’s executive committee and holds the secretary position as well as chairing the dinner committee.

In addition to her practice, Elizabeth teaches clinical classes in mediation and negotiation at the UCLA School of Law. She has also authored a chapter in Building a Successful Collaborative Practice, ABA Family Law Section (2018), and co-authored with Forrest S. Mosten, The Complete Guide to Mediation: How to Effectively Represent Your Clients and Expand Your Family Law Practice (2nd Ed.), ABA Family Law Section (2015) and Unbundled Legal Services: A Family Lawyer’s Guide, ABA Family Law Section (2017).

“I was first introduced to LevittQuinn by my law partner, former LevittQuinn Executive Director Jeff Jacobson. I have a family history of strong women advocating for social justice, and the story of the organization’s founding mothers resonated deeply. It has been a privilege to see LevittQuinn grow and strengthen over the years; every time I set foot in the Ziva building, I learn something about our services, our staff or our clients that stops me in my tracks with admiration.

“I always advise my law students that in order to be fulfilled, lawyers need congruence between their work and their personal values. My work with LevittQuinn is deeply fulfilling to me because it aligns so perfectly with my commitment to helping children, promoting the dignity of those who find themselves part of the legal system, and listening with respect and empathy to peoples’ stories.”


Natasha was worried – her ex was about to be released from prison. She needed help to get orders in place protecting her 4 year-old son, but was getting nowhere on her own. LQ stood with her in court, securing for Natasha the protection she needed.

Expressing her relief, Natasha said of LQ, “you all gave me a sense of security and peace and that is absolutely priceless.”

Every day, parents come to LevittQuinn looking for help to provide sustenance and protection for their children. When families are able to move from discord to harmony, kids can grow up safe, supported, and ready to succeed.


Add your name to the list of early sponsors who are helping us honor Judge Amy Pellman and Sylvia Castillo at the 38th Annual Stand for Justice Gala on September 14.


Kejia Li joined LQ as a volunteer attorney in November 2018. Kejia became a member of the Bar in her native China in 2017 and has been studying at UCLA School of Law from which she will receive her LL.M. this May. She is also taking the New York Bar exam this July!

Kejia became interested in nonprofit work during her undergraduate studies at East China University of Political Science and Law, where she volunteered at the school’s legal aid center, taught in a primary school for migrant workers’ children, and offered Chinese classes in Indonesia.

Kejia shared that her time at LQ helped her think differently about her future legal career. “I wanted to use what I learned in law school to make a better life for my family. Now I see I can also use my education to make my community, and society, a better place.”


Moore, Schulman & Moore, APC  is a proud supporter of LevittQuinn and its mission to protect children and stand with family members in crisis.

We understand that the people who work with our firm are going through some of the most difficult times in their lives. Our goal is to simplify our clients’ divorce processes in every way we can, and to deliver the exceptional service our clients need to successfully move forward.

Our San Diego divorce lawyers, including 11 certified family law specialists, provide honest, attentive, and helpful counsel from initial consultation to case resolution.

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