By most measures, Susana’s* life seemed fairly typical. Married for 20 years, she provided care for her daughter and home while her husband Mario worked outside the home as the sole income earner. That all came crashing to an end when Susana learned that Mario had secretly been keeping another family, with another child, for over 15 years.

Now, in the midst of divorce proceedings, Mario no longer wanted to support Susana or their teenage daughter. And while many a middle-age woman has found herself in similar circumstances, Susana was more vulnerable than most. Born with an intellectual disability, Susana receives services through the Regional Center and requires extra help from a caregiver. Her ability to transition into outside work would pose a challenge, and Mario’s refusal to provide support left Susana no choice but to apply for cash aid and food stamps. But then Susana found LevittQuinn. Our attorney helped Susana get court orders for child support and spousal support, enabling her to go off of welfare. With LevittQuinn’s help to secure her rightful share of Mario’s pension, Susana can focus her energies on job training opportunities to independently transition into the next phase of her life.

*Not Client’s Real Name or Image