Thirteen years ago, Jill* came to LevittQuinn for help with a divorce. Her daughter Abigail was just two years old. Jill has had primary custody of her young daughter since that time. Over the years, Jill and her ex-husband have experienced a more and more contentious co-parenting relationship. As a result, matters ended up back in the courtroom on several occasions, and recently Abigail’s father demanded primary custody. Jill returned to LevittQuinn for help.

LevittQuinn went to court with Jill. Following that hearing, at a court-ordered evaluation, Jill became convinced that the best course of action might be to agree to Abigail spending more time with her father. Abigail’s father responded positively to Jill’s willingness to consider the shift, and both parents decided to have lunch together and discuss their need for better communication. They then returned to the evaluation and, without need for a court hearing, signed an agreement in which Jill retains primary custody and Abigail spends more time with her father. The end result is less contentious co-parenting and less stress for Abigail. Feeling secure with an attorney at her side allowed Jill to focus on her daughter’s best interests, and her daughter’s father followed her lead.

*Not Client’s Real Name or Image