Susan* and her family are safe and her children are attending school regularly after enduring years of abuse., thanks to LevittQuinn Family Law Center. Susan found the courage to leave after the father of her infant son, Danny, hit her three-year-old son and attacked her as she held Danny. She endured three years of sexual, physical, and verbal attacks as her boyfriend’s violence and methamphetamine use escalated. He regularly punched, scratched and kicked her, and during her pregnancy he even hit her face so hard he left Susan with permanent structural damage and numerous scars. Fearing he’d do the same to her children, Susan fled the relationship to protect them.

By the time she found LevittQuinn, Susan had prepared and filed a petition for a restraining order on her own. She did not have a high school diploma and the paperwork she had filed lacked the information the court need to grant her requests. With a LevittQuinn attorney with her in court, Susan was granted a restraining order protecting her and her four children and giving her sole legal and physical custody of Danny who now has the chance to grow up in a safe and stable home.

*Not Client’s Real Name or Image