A New Beginning

Levitt & Quinn client Susan* and her family are safe and her children are attending school regularly after enduring years of abuse. Susan and her children escaped years of violence with the assistance of Levitt & Quinn Family Law Center. Susan found the courage to leave the relationship after the father of her infant son, Danny, hit her three year-old son and attacked her as she held Danny. Her abuser’s violence and methamphetamine use escalated over three years during which she endured sexual, physical and verbal attacks. Throughout their relationship, Danny’s father regularly punched, scratched and kicked her. During her pregnancy he struck her face on several occasions leaving her with permanent structural damage and numerous scars. She fled the relationship so that her children would not have to live with similar scars. *Client’s name changed to protect her privacy.

When she finally made her way to Levitt & Quinn, Susan had prepared and filed a petition for a restraining order without legal representation and had no idea how to represent herself at the hearing. She does not have a high school diploma and the paperwork she had filed lacked the facts and law necessary to support her request for a protective order. With Levitt & Quinn’s representation at the hearing, Susan was granted a restraining order protecting her and her four children and giving her sole legal and physical custody of Danny who now has the chance to grow up in a safe and stable home.

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