Camellia’s* family came to LevittQuinn seeking to adopt her into their loving care. Born with a serious disability, adoption was further complicated by this family’s need for extra financial support to cover Camellia’s medical expenses. Despite their valiant effort to make Camellia a part of their family, they came up against roadblock after roadblock. Confusion around qualifying for disability benefits threatened to foreclose those benefits forever, jeopardizing the family’s ability to provide Camellia with the best possible care. Despite the frustrating path that led them to LevittQuinn, the parents were determined to move forward with making Camellia a permanent member of their family. LevittQuinn attorney Sharon Hulse worked tirelessly to facilitate this complex adoption case, negotiating on Camellia’s behalf to obtain the funds that would give her the care she needed. With the adoption complete and the disability benefits secure, Camellia can flourish under her family’s care with access to the medical support that is so important to her wellbeing.

*Not Client’s Real Name or Image