A Family Stays Together

All too often, when a client arrives at LevittQuinn’s office, it is in a state of desperation. This was the case for Miguel*, a loving father who had raised all three of his children for their entire lives. Midway through a lengthy divorce and custody battle, his wife filed a motion claiming that the youngest children were not Miguel’s biological children and asking the court to name a second man as the children’s father. The allegation rocked Miguel – at the time of filing he was the primary custodial parent of all three children.

At the heart of 80% of LevittQuinn’s cases is a child, and for a family in crisis like Miguel’s, our attorneys seek child-centered outcomes in service of justice. Miguel’s commitment to his children was strong, despite what any blood test might reveal. In court, LevittQuinn successfully defended against his wife’s attempt to introduce another other man into the case, and into the children’s lives. Miguel was able to remain the primary custodial parent of his three children, and was elated to have found the help he needed to keep his family together.

*Not Client’s Real Name or Image