While out one day, Beverly* saw her cousin Tammy* on the street. Tammy was visibly pregnant, homeless, and suffering from a drug addiction. Remembering her own past struggles with drugs, Beverly took Tammy into her home. She kept Tammy sober and fed during the final month of her pregnancy. Tammy gave birth to a healthy baby girl, but her addiction was too strong. She promptly left her baby with Beverly, returning to the streets and back to drugs. Beverly didn’t want this baby entering the foster care system like so many other children of addicts. Beverly instead went to court and obtained guardianship.  But when Beverly tried to file for adoption, she ran into difficulty. Like many others who try to go it alone for lack of resources, Beverly got the paperwork wrong.  And her past was coming back to haunt her. Learning of Beverly’s prior drug use, the court’s investigator was expressing reservations about Beverly’s history that could keep her from adopting the baby.

Levitt &Quinn’s Legal Services Director, Lucia Reyes, helped Beverly to correctly complete her court papers. Lucia made sure that each birth parent received notice of the case, and obtained their consent for Beverly to complete the adoption. Lucia helped Beverly gather letters of recommendation from those who have known her in sobriety, improving her chances at a favorable outcome. With LevittQuinn’s expert help, the court had everything it needed to grant the adoption. Despite her fears, Beverly’s 8 years of sobriety and her good deeds were enough to show the court that she would provide a loving future for this little girl.

*Not Client’s Real Name or Image