Father and Child Reunited

Levitt & Quinn’s Stand Up for Gus Project made a strong start with its very first case on behalf of a parent seeking the return of his young child. The project was funded by the Stand Up for Gus Foundation which provides free legal services to parents seeking greater involvement in their children’s lives. In April, Levitt & Quinn attorney Jenny Skoble appeared in court on behalf of the projects very first client, Joe.* Joe’s child had been taken out of state without his permission or knowledge over the previous weekend. He is very low income and could not afford an attorney. He is not particularly sophisticated, educated or articulate, but he is a loving father and was the primary caretaker of his young daughter who lived with him.

On a Saturday, the child’s mother asked Joe to bring their daughter to the park to spend some time with her and he did. A few hours later, Joe received a call from the mother. She left a message letting him know that she had moved to Las Vegas with their daughter and he need not pick her up. Joe spent the weekend distraught and unable to obtain assistance from the police. He had no idea where his daughter was, if she was okay and was unable to speak with her. That Wednesday, Levitt & Quinn appeared in court and obtained an order for the return of Joe’s child. She was back with her father by the weekend. The hearing was so complex and extended that Ms. Skoble came back to the office during the court’s lunch break to prepare additional pleadings. The father could not have successfully represented himself in court. Without the legal assistance of Levitt & Quinn made possible by Stand Up for Gus, Joe’s daughter would not have been returned so quickly and perhaps not at all.
*Client’s name changed to protect privacy.

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