A Father’s Journey

Late last fall, a father came to Levitt & Quinn devastated. Mike* hadn’t seen his five-year-old daughter for three years because the child’s mother had been keeping her from him, and he no longer even knew where or with whom she lived. Unable to afford a private attorney, Mike went to court several times on his own. He managed to get an order for temporary custody, but not an order requiring the District Attorney to help him locate his child.  Instead, the court ruled that he had not done enough to find the mother. He had no ideas or resources for continuing his three year long search for his daughter.

 When he came to Levitt & Quinn, Mike felt he was at a dead end and had no options remaining. Levitt & Quinn’s Stand Up for Gus project provides free representation to parents seeking to increase their involvement in their children’s lives, and was designed to help in heartbreaking and complex cases such as Mike’s search for his daughter. Attorney Jenny Skoble took the lead, helping Mike take further steps to find the mother and follow the court’s instruction. With the new information in hand, Levitt & Quinn prepared a request for an order instructing the District Attorney to help locate the mother, which was granted three days before Christmas. This was a big step in a long road to reunification. The District Attorney on the case has an excellent track record of finding abducted children, and we have high hopes that she will be found soon. “I just wish I had come to you sooner!” said Mike. At Levitt & Quinn, it is our goal to help families like these achieve the stability and support they need to flourish and thrive.

*not client’s real name.

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