LevittQuinn Family Law Center  – a nonprofit family law center protecting children and standing with family members in crisis.

LevittQuinn provides free and sliding scale family law legal services for poor and modest means families who are unable to get legal help from other legal services providers or to afford to pay for private attorneys.

LevittQuinn’s attorneys practice in key areas of family law, including adoption, child and spousal support, custody, visitation, domestic violence, marital dissolution and paternity. Each year LevittQuinn receives thousands of inquires, gives legal information and services to more than 1,900 families, and impacts the lives of over 2,800 children. LevittQuinn attorneys make hundreds of court appearances on behalf of poor and modest means families throughout the Los Angeles County Superior Court system, the largest trial court in the nation. Priority is given to cases involving the safety and well being of children, or where a critical right is at risk.

Forty years ago, massive federal budget cuts decimated traditional legal services programs throughout the nation, resulting in drastic program cuts that jettisoned hundreds of clients with nowhere else to turn. In 1981, 400-plus Los Angeles-area family law clients averted a similar fate when our founders stepped in to take on their cases. Those women, then grandmothers, had the vision and courage to turn a dire situation into an opportunity for refuge and hope for those who would otherwise have fallen through the cracks. Run by volunteers on a shoestring budget in the early years, LevittQuinn has grown into a million-dollar nonprofit organization run by professional staff with expertise in many areas of family and adoption law.