Our Practice Areas

Levitt & Quinn provides free and sliding scale limited-scope family law legal services including advice and counsel, document preparation, coordinating governmental and other investigating agencies, and representation in court. Last year, Levitt & Quinn provided legal assistance and representation to over 1,700 families.


We give free and low-cost representation to families seeking to make a child a part of their family through private (non-dependency) adoption, most of which are intrafamily adoptions in which a relative seeks to assist a child whose biological parent is unwilling or unable to care for the child. Levitt & Quinn also assists with second parent adoption by same-sex parents and stepparent adoption. Learn about adoption.

Child Support

We help both requesting and responding parents with initial requests for support orders about minor children, including health and child care expenses. We also help with requests to modify current orders. Learn about child support.

Custody and Visitation

We provide services to request and respond to requests for orders about custody and visitation rights of minor children. We also help with requests to modify current orders. We also offer a free class to help parents prepare for custody mediation. Learn about custody and visitation.


We help to request and respond to requests to permanently end a legal marriage and/or registered domestic partnership and to establish rights to community and separate property. Learn about separation and divorce.

Domestic Violence

We provide help to get protection from domestic abuse under California’s Domestic Violence Prevention Act. We also help to defend against improper restraining order requests. Learn about domestic violence protections.


We assist to establish temporary and general guardianship, including joint guardianships, in Probate for minor children who are under the care of non-parents. We also provide guidance on the use of caregiver affidavits and nominations of prospective guardians. Learn about guardianship.


Levitt & Quinn gives help to establish, as well as to defend against requests to establish, rights of parentage for unmarried parents as well as paternity issues in divorce cases. We can also provide help in cases involving three parents. Learn about establishing parentage.

Spousal or Partner Support

We can help separated persons to get initial orders for spousal or partner support (including health insurance) as well as requests to modify orders. We also help to respond to requests for orders and modifications. Learn about spousal or partner support.

Veterans Project

We assist veterans who are homeless or low-income with their child support issues, including arrears owed to the government and driver license reinstatement. We also provide help with other family law issues. Learn more about child support arrears.